IELTS OR PTE Which Is Easier?

IELTS OR PTE Which Is Easier

Are you confused about IELTS or PTE? Do you think PTE is easier than IELTS? Here are some points worth reading. This article will help you to decide IELTS or PTE which is easier.

PTE and IELTS both have different challenges and different types of questions. I have taken both the exams for few times in order to achieve the desired goal, and I think PTE is much easier to score than IELTS and it is completely based on my experience and my skills. I have few reasons for this, and I will try to compare these two exams so that you will be able to analyze which is better for you based off your skills and English proficiency level.

Here are few advantages of PTE:

  • First of all, PTE academic is a computer-based test.
  • PTE is a fast and flexible English test. Candidates can book the test 24 hours before and can receive the reports within 5 working days.
  • In case of IELTS, candidates need to book the exam earlier in order to get the seats and it takes 13 working days to receive the reports. Also, it is not a computer-based test.
  • There are various different types of questions in PTE, and it makes easy to score even if you fail to do well in any one particular kind of questions as you can recover those marks in other items.
  • If you are receiving fewer points (by .5 or 1 points less than the desired score) in IELTS writing, then you should definitely try PTE once as it makes a huge difference to write the essay by a pencil and typing on the computer. You can edit, cut, copy and paste on the computer. In PTE academic, it seems to me that writing is much more comfortable than IELTS. We will discuss each section comparison in the below sections.
  • Also, in writing section score is calculated from 5 different types of questions and thus, it becomes easy to score in PTE as in IELTS, it only has two types of questions.
  • The score is calculated by Computer in PTE and I think this really helps because there is no human interaction. Humans might sometimes carry their moods with them while checking the papers.

A quick difference between IELTS and PTE (PTE or IELTS):

1Computer- based testNon computer-based test (paper-pencil based test)
2Fast and flexible. Can be booked 24 hours earlier and results can be received in 5 working daysNeed to book earlier in order to get the seats. Need to wait for at least 13 working days.
3no need to write with pencil. Its easy to type the response on computerneed to write the essay on paper and other responses on the paper only
4Its easy to talk on the microphone than talking to a humanAs the human interacation is there, it depends on the examiners mood on that day
520 different types of questionsonly few different types of questions
6Essay type is only argumentative so easy to have structure and less preparation is needed.Different types of questions and really need a lot of practice in order to achieve good score.
7computer checks and calculates the score.Humans give the score based on their experience and standard formats.
8Its easy to select the correct option on computer.It really needs attention to write the exact answer on the paper for that particular question else in hurry you might write answer for different question.

The difference in types of questions in each section in PTE and IELTS:

Speaking> Read aloud
> Repeat sentence
> Describe image
> Re-tell lecture
> Answer short question
> Face to Face interview with examiner
> Includes short questions
> Speaking at length about a familiar topic and a structured discussion
Speaking observations> As candidates need to talk to computers, it is easy and no human interaction.
> As there are many different types of questions, even if a candidate fail to do well in any one type, s/he can score in other types.
Candidates need to talk for 1-2 mins on a topic given by the examiner
Writing> Summarize written text
> Write essay 200 - 300 words
> For Academic: describing graph/ table/ diagram
For General: Letter writing

> Essay writing of at least 250 words
Writing observations> less time (20 mins) but main advantage is that candidates have to type on computers and thus, it makes easy cut / copy/paste easily.

> mostly argumentative essay and hence structure can be used for essays
> more time (40 mins) for essay writing , however, you have to write with a pencil and so I found it very difficult

> Various types of essays can be asked so needs a lot of practice.
Reading> Multiple-choice choose single answer
> Multiple-choice choose multiple answers
> Re-order paragraphs
> Reading: Fill in the blanks
> Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks
Three reading passaged and questions based on those paragraphs.
Reading observationsReading passages are quite complex here but if you understand it then it becomes easy to answer.Reading passages are quite ok to solve and it seems to me that these are easier compared to PTE reading.
Listening> Summerize spoken text
> Multiple-choice choose multiple answers
> Fill in the blanks
> Highlight correct summary
> Multiple-choice choose single answer
> Select missing word
> Highlight incorrect words
> Write from dictation
Four recorded monologues and conversations and questions based on that.
Listening observationsAs there are different types of tasks, it becomes easy to score here. You need to take good notes and then using the predefined structure, you would be able to score more.If you loose your attention then it becomes challenging to answer any question on that conversation

I think due to all these points, I found PTE is easy to score than IELTS and everyone will have a different opinion on this. I am not a part of PTE Pearson and I am not connected to them at all. These are just my observations and based on my experience, I have this opinion.

I hope this will help you to decide which test is good for you and please let me know if you have any questions regarding these two tests in the comments below and I will try to answer all your questions or concerns.

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