PTE Academic Tips and Strategies

 PTE Academic Tips and strategies to ace the exam.

PTE Academic Tips and Strategies

PTE Academic Tips & Tricks – Speaking :

Adjust microphone properly at the beginning of the test and check if are able to listen to your voice properly when you speak.

Adjust the microphone position so that your sound will be recorded correctly. Sometimes, if the position is just above the leaps then, it might record some sounds differently especially, the words having s or sh at the end. The microphone should be placed a little bit above and a bit away from the leaps.

Speak clearly and do not shout when you are talking. Try to keep normal pace and it should not be very fast or very slow. There should be a proper tone and rhythm when you speak English sentence. You might not be able to talk like a western accent but your pronunciation should be correct.

If you are not able to answer the short questions then also do not panic and be calm & ready for the next question. It’s absolutely fine if you miss one or two questions in the whole section.

If you are not able to answer then do not apologize to the computer or say sorry or related words. IF you can give some answer related to it, please try to speak something.

You should click on “Next” once you are done with the question. There is no point in wasting the time.

PTE Academic Tips & Tricks – Writing:

Check your grammar and word count always. It’s very silly to lose the marks for fewer words or more words. The essay should be between 200 to 300 words and Summary sentence should be only one sentence and between 50 to 70 words.

Check for the spelling mistakes at the end of the task.

Use at least 10 powerful words in your essay just to showcase your vocabulary.

Use the superstructure given on this site while writing the essay.

PTE Academic Tips & Tricks – Reading:

The first tip for PTE reading section is that manage the time wisely in this section you need to manage your own time. You would be able to watch the time remaining at the right corner of the computer screen.

Use superstructure for Re-Order paragraphs and for Multiple-choice choose multiple answers.

Try to read as many articles daily in order to improve your knowledge about the collocations used in the English language.

PTE Academic Tips & Tricks – Listening:

As this would be the last section of the test, you would feel exhausted but try to concentrate more while listening. You really need to pay more attention in this section

Take as many notes as possible while listening using the erasable notebook and pencil. If there is no space, please ask for another erasable notebook.

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