PTE Listening: PTE Highlight correct summary

PTE Listening – PTE Highlight Correct Summary Super Tricks

PTE LISTENING - pte highlight correct summary

In this post, we will see details and super tricks for PTE Highlight Correct Summary task. In this task, you will listen to a audio for 30-90 seconds and you need to select the correct summary of answer options. Three of the answer options will not be related to audio and one will be the correct summary of the audio.

Use the 10 seconds before the recording to skim through the options and get an idea of the main points in each.

While listening to an audio, take down the keynotes and understand the meaning of the audio. Pay attention to the tone of the speaker and understand the concept and main point of the lecture. Answer options seem similar but you need to select summary in which the main idea of the lecture is mentioned. Only one summary will relate directly to the audio.

You will only be select the correct summary if you understand the concept of the lecture.

You need to pay full attention to the audio while listening. 95% attention should be on listening to the audio and 5% attention should be paid to writing keynotes.

Listen for the signposts that indicate the main ideas. Speakers use words like “the first thing I want to talk about”, or “on the one side”, or “on the other side” to help listeners understand the flow of their ideas.

PTE Listening – Scoring Guide for PTE Highlight Correct Summary

Skills assessed: Listening & Reading

>> 1 = Correct response

>> 0 = Incorrect response

PTE Listening – PTE Highlight Correct Summary Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to identify the correct summary of the information after listening to a short lecture.
  • How many?: 2-3
  • Preparation time before listening to recording: 10 seconds

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