PTE Listening – Fill In The Blanks

PTE Listening Super Strategies For Fill in the blanks Task

PTE LISTENING - Fill in the blanks

In this post we will see more about PTE Listening – Fill In The Blanks task details. There would be missing words in the passage given and you need to type those words with correct spelling as you hear the recording.

In 7 seconds, before the recording begins, skim the passage and get the idea of the text about. Also get the idea of blanks spaces positions and get ready for the recording.

As soon as the recording starts, start moving your mouse over the text and write the missing words on erasable notebook first. Then after the recording ends, you can type those on the computer screen. It becomes difficult to type when you are listening and it might affect losing track of the next blank space.

The recording is at normal speed or it might seem faster to you as you need to write the words in between.

Don’t think about the spelling when you are writing on the erasable notebook as at that time audio is still playing and you need concentration for the next blank space. Pay attention to the spelling when you actually type on the computer.

Next item will not be played until you click Next at the bottom of the screen. so you have a little time to think about the answers.

Scoring Guide PTE Listening – Fill in the blanks

Skills Assessed: Listening & Writing

Partial Credit

>> 1 = Each correct word spelled correctly

>> 0 = Minimum score

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to listen to a recording and write the missing words in a transcription of the recording.
  • How many?: 2-3
  • Preparation time before listening to a recording: 7 seconds

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