PTE Listening Highlight Incorrect Words

Super Strategies for PTE Listening Highlight Incorrect Words:

PTE LISTENING highlight incorrect words

Get ready as soon as the task starts and start reading, listening and highlighting the word those are incorrect.

Run the mouse along with the audio and transcript given. Click as soon as you hear the incorrect word that differs from the audio and transcript.

PTE Listening Highlight Incorrect Words is a relatively simple task but you need to pay full attention to audio and at the same time need to keep track of the reading.

This task has a negative marking so only click the words that differ. If by mistake, you click on any word then at the end of recording go and click that word again but do not do that in between the when audio is playing as you may lose the track. Try to get full marks for this task as it is simple if you pay attention.

Scoring guide for Highlight incorrect words:

Skills assessed: Listening & Reading

Partial credit points deducted for incorrect options chosen:

>> 1 = Each Correct response

>> -1 = Each incorrect response

>> 0 = Minimum score

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to identify the words in a transcription that differ from the recording.
  • How many?: 2-3
  • Preparation time before hearing the recording: 10 seconds

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