PTE Listening: Multiple-choice choose multiple answers

Super strategies for PTE Listening Multiple-choice choose multiple answers

PTE Listening Multiple-choice choose multiple answers

You will hear a lecture that would last for 40-90 seconds and then you will have to select more than one answers to question promptly.

Clearly understand the question prompt before the audio starts so that you will have an idea about the purpose of listening.

While listening, glance the answer options. Pay 95% attention to listening and 5 % glance the answers.

If you feel comfortable then take the notes else just understand the meaning of the recording and at the same time, glance the answer choices. Try to eliminate the incorrect choices.

Select the answers based on the meaning and not just if you have heard those in the recording. You really need to understand the meaning of what was said in the lecture.

Scoring guide for Multiple-choice choose multiple answers:

Skills assessed: Listening

Partial credit points deducted for incorrect options chose:

>> 1 = Each Correct response

>> -1 = Each incorrect response

>> 0 = Minimum score

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to listen to a recording and select more than one response in answer to a question about the lecture.
  • How many?: 2-3

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