PTE Listening: Summarize spoken text

Super strategies for PTE Summarize spoken text:

Get ready with your erasable notepad and pen in 12 seconds before the lecture starts.

This task absolutely requires you to take the good notes. Without notes, its impossible to answer this task.

You get 10 minutes but it takes 1-1.5 minute for recording so you just get 8 minutes to write the summary. After 10 minutes, if you don’t submit the summary then it automatically gets to the next task. Use complete 10 minutes given for this task as you won’t be able to utilize the remaining time in other tasks.

You need to write between 50 to 70 words.

The super strategy for “Re-tell lecture” can be used for “Summarize spoken text” so it is useful for two big tasks. You can just remember these points and then fill the blanks with your notes.

Here is the Re-tell lecture task sequence:

>> Pre-listening (12 seconds)

>> Listen (60-90 seconds)

>> Write (around 8 minutes)

  • In pre-listening (12 seconds) period, take a deep breath and be prepared to listen.
  • Note taking is very crucial to this task. While listening, you really need to take good notes. While taking notes do not write the complete sentences. The notes would be just key points and their effects maybe some flowchart or just arrows for increasing/decreasing. Take really good notes, at least you need to have 5-6 key points in the notes. Pay 90% attention to listening and 10% attention to writing.
  • Try to understand the meaning and try to ignore the other unimportant details.
  • Write using the below structure. The extra word list is also provided at the end so that you can leverage those in different tasks.

o. First sentence: The speaker was discussing about  …….TOPIC….

>>after this talk about all key points from your notes using below sentences:

o. First, he talked about …… key point 1 ………

0. Second, he mentioned that …key point 2……

0. Moreover, he highlighted …..keyword 3

0. Furthermore, he pointed out ……. keyword 4 ………

0. Also, he referred to ….. keyword 5 …….

>>Finally the conclusion:

o. Finally, he suggested that ….. conclusion or key point 6 …..

  • Do not write anything irrelevant or off-topic.
  • Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Word list to be used in Re-tell lecture task:

Also, First, to begin with, In addition, Finally, then, moreover, described, pointed out, highlighted, emphasized, expressed, referred to, stressed, mentioned that, talked about, explained, major information, facts, adding, to summarize, to conclude, the main point, the main idea, showed the way, according to.

Scoring guide for Summarize spoken text:

Skills assessed: Listening & Writing


>> 2Provides a good summary of the text. All relevant aspects are mentioned.

>>1 = Provides a fair summary of the text, but one or two aspects are missing.

>>0 = Omits or misrepresents the main aspects.


>> 2 =  Contains 50-70 words.

>>1 = Contains 40-49 words or 71-100 words.

>>0 = Contains less than 40 words or more than 100 words. Summary written in capital letters contains no punctuation or consists only of bullet points or very short sentences.


>> 2 = Correct grammatical structure.

>>1 = Contains grammatical errors with no hindrance to communicate.

>>0 = Defective grammatical structure which could hinder communication.


>> 2 = Appropriate choice of words.

>>1 = Some lexical errors but with no hindrance to communication.

>>0 = Defective word choice which could hinder communication.


>> 2 = Correct spelling, but there may be one typing error.

>>1 = One spelling error and or more than one typing error.

>>0 = More than one spelling error and or numerous typing errors.

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to summarize the key points in a short lecture.
  • How many?: 2-3
  • Preparation time before starting the audio: 12 seconds

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