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Super strategies for PTE Read Aloud:

PTE Read Aloud

  • Superstructure for PTE Read Aloud is read the text loudly in the preparation time which is usually 30-45 seconds and try to understand the meaning. Once it beeps, then again you can read it and because you had already read it before now next time it becomes easy for you to read. Also, as you have understood the meaning, you can add intonation as required.
  • This task seems to be very easy as it just involves the reading the given paragraph but in fact, it is a bit tricky. Your intonation and pronunciation should be proper and it sounds like a native-like speaker. The English language has some original rhythm which makes it very beautiful to hear. You can’t just read the text in one tone.
  • You don’t need to speak in accent but the pronunciation should be proper. Use your natural tone with fluent speech and use correct stress on the words.
  • Once you are done, click Next and there is no need to wait until the time is up.
  • Do not add an extra word or do not miss any word. You need full concentration while reading. This task can give you full marks if you practice a little at home as the text is right there and you just need to read it. For preparation, practice reading out loud and record it. Then again listen to your own answer if it sounds correct to you. Also, you can use online tools which converts your voice into text, just to make sure your pronunciation is easily understood by such tools.

Scoring guide for PTE Read Aloud:

Skills assessed: Reading and Speaking


>> Each replacement, omission or insertion of a word counts as one error.

>> Maximum score: depends on the length of the task prompt.



5 - Native-like

All vowels and consonants are produced in a manner that is easily understood by regular speakers of the language.
4 - Advanced

Vowels and consonants are produced clearly and unambiguously.
3 - Good

Most vowels and consonants are produced correctly.
2 - Intermediate

Some vowels and consonants are consistently misproduced in a non-native-like manner.
1 - Intrusive

Many vowels and consonants are misproduced, resulting in a strong intrusive foreign accent.
0 - Non-English

Pronunciation seems completely characteristic of another language.


Oral Fluency:

Oral Fluency
1 - Native-like

Speech shows smooth rhythm and phrasing without any hesitations, repetitions, false starts or non-native phonological simplifications.
4 - Advanced

Speech has an acceptable rhythm with appropriate phrasing and word emphasis.
3 - Good

Speech is at an acceptable speed but may be uneven.
2 - Intermediate

Speech may be uneven or staccato.
1 - Limited

Speech has irregular phrasing or sentence rhythm.
0 - Disfluent

Speech is slow and laboured with little discernable phrase grouping, multiple hesitations, pauses, false starts and or major phonological simplifications.


Task Type details:

  • This task tests your reading and speaking skills. Candidates have to read aloud the short text with correct intonation and pronunciation.
  • Preparation time before answering: 30-40 seconds
  • How many? : 6-7


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