PTE Reading: Reading – Fill in the blanks

Super strategies for PTE Reading: Reading – Fill in the blanks:

PTE Reading fill in the blanks

  • You just need to drag the correct answer option into the blank space in between the given text.
  • It is actually very complicated and tests your knowledge about collocations and language word choices. Collocations are the words that often appear together in English language and they appear to be natural sounding phrases. You need to have a good vocabulary and knowledge about collocations.
  • You need to understand what type of part of the sentence (whether noun/verb/ subject/ adjective/adverb) is missing in that sentence and then you need to select accordingly the word which fits into that particular blank.

Scoring guide for PTE Reading: Reading – Fill in the blanks:

Skills Assessed: Reading

Partial Credit

>> 1 = Each correctly completed blank

>> 0 = Minimum score

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to select one correct answer for each gap in a text.
  • How many?: 4-5
  • In Reading section, candidates have to manage their own time.

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