PTE Speaking: Answer short question

Super strategies for PTE Speaking Answer short question:

PTE SPEAKING Answer Short Questions

  • Respond quickly to these questions in less than 3 seconds as if you will wait longer then 3 seconds after the recording has started then you won’t be able to answer and the recording will be moved to next question.
  • Click Next immediately once you are done with the task in Answer Short Question.
  • These are really simple to answer and you don’t need any special knowledge of any subject. For example, the question might what you can see in the sky in the night time the sun or the moon?
  • Listen carefully to the whole question in Answer Short Question as what exactly they are asking is important what / who/ which?
  • You need full concentration for these types tasks as there might be 10 -12 but all are easy so can get all correct and should be able to gain all points.
  • You just need to provide the answer of the question in short answer like in one word or maximum few words. Do not give full sentence.
  • If you don’t know the answer of the short question then also try to speak something related to the question.

Scoring guide for Answer the short question:

Skills assessed: Listening and speaking

Correct / Incorrect:

>> 1 = Appropriate word choice in response.

>> 0 = Inappropriate word choice in response.

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to respond to a short question, in one or few words.
  • How many?: 10-12
  • Preparation time for answering: 3 seconds

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