PTE Speaking: Answer short question

Super strategies for PTE Speaking Answer short question:

PTE SPEAKING Answer Short Questions

  • Respond quickly to these questions in less than 3 seconds as if you will wait longer then 3 seconds after the recording has started then you won’t be able to answer and the recording will be moved to next question.
  • Click Next immediately once you are done with the task in Answer Short Question.
  • These are really simple to answer and you don’t need any special knowledge of any subject. For example, the question might what you can see in the sky in the night time the sun or the moon?
  • Listen carefully to the whole question in Answer Short Question as what exactly they are asking is important what / who/ which?
  • You need full concentration for these types tasks as there might be 10 -12 but all are easy so can get all correct and should be able to gain all points.
  • You just need to provide the answer of the question in short answer like in one word or maximum few words. Do not give full sentence.
  • If you don’t know the answer of the short question then also try to speak something related to the question.

Scoring guide for Answer the short question:

Skills assessed: Listening and speaking

Correct / Incorrect:

>> 1 = Appropriate word choice in response.

>> 0 = Inappropriate word choice in response.

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to respond to a short question, in one or few words.
  • How many?: 10-12
  • Preparation time for answering: 3 seconds

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  1. 1. What is the name of ground military forces? —Army
    2. What is someone that cannot see called? —Blind
    3. What do you call the middle of something? —Center
    4 Whose job is it to treat people that are ill or have an injury at a hospital? —Doctor
    5. What is the process of teaching and learning called? —Education
    6. What kind of book is written by a person about their own life? —Autobiography
    7. What is the red liquid that flows through a body? —Blood
    8. What is the payment of a student’s education by an organization called? —Scholarship
    9. What is the piece of paper with official information written on it called? —Document
    10. What is the name of a building where you can borrow books? —Library
    11. Who is a person that makes bread, cakes and pastries? —Baker
    12. What organ controls your speech, feelings, body movement and thoughts? —Brain
    13. What piece of equipment shows a person what direction they are traveling? —Compass
    14. What is a series of events that happen in your mind while you are sleeping? —Dream
    15. What is a person that belongs to an organization called? —Member
    16. Who cuts men’s hair? —Barber
    17. What is it called when two or more people are speaking to each other? —Conversation
    18. What is a violent conflict between two or more countries? —War
    19. What do you call the number of people living in a specific area? —Population
    20. What do you call a person that can’t hear? —Deaf
    21. What is the day that someone is born? – Birthday
    22. What plan shows how much money is available and how it will be spent? – Budget
    23. What is the name of a system of government in which the people elect their leaders? — Democracy
    24. What planet do we live on? — Earth
    25. What is the job of someone that looks after your teeth and gums? —Dentist
    26. What is the time period before noon called? — Ante meridian (A.M.)
    27. What is the time after noon called? — Post meridian (P.M.)
    28. What organ cardiologists specialize in? —Heart
    29. Which section of a newspaper gives the editor an opinion? —Editorial
    30. What instrument would you use to examine very small life forms? —Microscope
    31. What is the destructive program that spreads from computer to computer? —Virus
    32. What term is issued for animals that gives birth to its young? —Mammals
    33. What is the piece of paper that you receive after you have bought an item? —Receipt
    34. What do you call the document that tells your qualification and work exp? — CV, curriculum vitae, resume
    35. How would you describe an economy that is largely based on farming? — Agricultural, Rural
    36. What is the study of stars and planet called? —Astronomy
    37. In business and advertising, what does PR stand for? — Public relations
    38. What emergency service is called at sea? —Coastguard
    39. Name the month that falls between April and June. —May
    40. What word describes moving a file from the Internet to your computer? — Downloading /Download
    41. What do we call a picture that doctors take to see inside our body? —X-ray
    42. What crime has someone stealing from a shop committed? —Shoplifting
    43. If someone is feeling ill, they will say “I am feeling under the ” ? — Weather/Under the weather- Feel sick, poor health, tired or exhausted
    45. Who is the person in charge of a football match? – Referee
    46. What is the last game in a sport competition that decides the champion- Finals
    47. What is the general term for painting at countryside on natural view? Landscape
    48. There are two types of sporting contests: on is amateur: and other is ___? – Professional
    49. Where would you find a whale – tropical forest or ocean? -Ocean
    50. If a coat had a stain on it. where would you take it? – Drycleaner’s
    51. What are the things that hens lay? – Eggs
    52. The people who protect the public from criminals are called? –Police
    53. On what geographical location would someone be living if their country is surrounded by water on all side? – Island
    54. What general part of the day is known as dawn? –Sunrise
    55. What are the people that plant food, raise crop commonly known as? –Farmers
    56. If a button has come off a shirt, what would someone most likely use to put it back on? – Needle and thread
    57. What appliance do people use to keep their food cool and prevent it from spoiling? – Fridge
    58. What do we call a period of 1000 years? — Millennium
    59. What do we call a period of 100 years? —Century
    60. What do we call a period of 10 years? — Decade
    61. What is a painting of a person’s head called? –Portrait
    62. Where do we find urban areas – in a city or countryside? – In a city
    63. What we call it when the moon completely blocks out the light from the sun? – A solar eclipse /an eclipse
    64. What point of the compass is directly opposite cast? –West
    65. Where do you pay for your purchases at a supermarket? – (at the) Till / Checkout / Cashier
    66. What do you call an apartment that is below ground level – a basement apartment or a penthouse apartment? – A basement apartment
    67. What features do painos and comuters have in common? – Keyboard
    68. if you are feeling ‘fed uo’, is it a positive or negative feeling? A negative feeling
    69. What we call a period of ten years? Decade
    70. A specialist who repairs leaking water pipe is called as a? Plumber
    71. A famous canal links the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian ocean, is it the Corinth or Suez Canal? – Suez Canal
    72. Where would you keep the meat you wish to keep frozen at home? –Freezer
    73. What is the most important document you would have to show if you would to hire a car? – Driver’s license
    74. Where would you go to work out on a treadmill? – Gym /Gymnasium
    75. What piece of equipment would you use to go diving in a sea – an aquaplane or an aqualung? – An aqualung
    76. Where would you most likely go to buy some flour – a bakery. a florist or a supermarket? — Supermarket
    77. Which hospital department would you go for an X-ray – radiology or cardiology? – Radiology
    78. Where would you go to see an exhibition of sculptures? – Art gallery /Museum
    79. Would you measure volume of water in liters or kilos? –Liters
    80. What is the joint called where your hand is connected to your an? –Wrist
    81. A picture of a globe is shown) what is this field of study? -Geology
    82. What do you call an equipment we use to look at stars? —Telescope
    83. What is the chemical name of Gold – Mg. Au or 02? —Au
    84. In which century was the automobile manufactured on a large scale? — 20thCentury
    85. Name a country located in North America? — The United States of America /Canada
    86. Name a country located in the Southern hemisphere. — Australia.
    87. This work is due for submission, one month from 15th June. On what date is it to be submitted ?-15th July
    88. What is the name of the instrument used to measure variations in temperature? — Thermometer
    89. Which section of the train timetable will tell you, what time the train leaves? — Departures
    90. What do we call the list of steps, which tells you to put something together? — Instructions
    91. What is the job title of someone who designs buildings? —Architect
    92. What is vaccine used for? — prevent disease
    93. What word is used for someone who watches a sport event? — Spectator
    94. What object will you use to climb up to the roof of the house? —Ladder
    95. What do we call the organ in our chest that we need to breath? —Lungs
    96. What is the soul= of solar energy? — Sun
    97. When the writer of the book is unknown, what word do we use for the writer?— Anonymous
    98. What is the collective term for cows and bulls, especially on the farm? —Cattle
    99. If something such as fabric or medicine is artificially made, what do we say it is?— Synthetic
    100. What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book that tells you where to find specific information? —Index
    101. What is the word for the place where rivers start? –Source
    102. Who is the main journalist responsible for producing newspaper or magazine? — Editor
    103. In the animal kingdom, is the purpose of camouflage to attract a mate, to find food or to hide? — To hide
    104. The opposite direction of southwest in a compass is? —Northeast
    105. What do we call the date a piece of work must be finish by? —Deadline / Due date
    106. What do dermatologist specialized in? – Skin
    107. How do butterflies fly? – Flutter
    108. What is hematology related to? — Blood
    109. Which major branch of science deals with classification of human beings? — Biology
    110. What does the term otolaryngology mean? – ENT: Ear, Nose & Throat
    111. What do ophthalmologist specialize in? – Eye operations
    112. What is the name for the huge natural body that orbits the sun? – Planet
    113. What is term Neuro-Psych? – brain injury or mental health
    114. Increase in iron, good or bad for health? – Good
    115. If telescopes are used to locate distant objects, what instrument is employed to magnify miniscule objects? – (electron) Microscope
    116. A list of events paced in time order, is usually described in what? Chronology/a timeline
    117. Which kind of punishment for a crime is the less severe, an imprisonment or community service? – Community service
    118. How many sides are there in a bilateral agreement? — Two
    119. Which is the longest: a decade, a millennium or a century? — A millennium
    120 .A manufacturing process releases poisonous gases. What is the most important safety measure for workers at this plant — ensuring good ventilation, or appropriate footwear? — (Ensuring good) Ventilation
    121. A list of events placed in time order is usually described as what? — A chronology / a Timeline
    122. If a figure is hexagonal, how many sides does it have? — Six
    123. What key mineral makes sea water different from fresh water? — Salt
    124. Who would you consult to treat a fear of crowded places, a philosopher or a psychologist? — A psychologist
    125. How would most people travel to work each day, in big cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York? —By public transportation 126.In which direction does the sun come up? — East
    127. What term is used for the amount of money you pay a landlord for living in their house or apartment? — Rent
    128. What do we call a company or organization that gives money to a sports or arts event in exchange for advertising? — Sponsorship
    129. Would it be better to jogging at noon or in the early morning, if you wanted to avoid the hottest part of the day? — In the early morning
    130 Jane and Peter have three children, they are 4,13 and 15 years old, they only have one son who is the youngest child, how old is their middle child? — 13 years old
    131. When would it be safe to take medication, which causes drowsiness, before sleeping, driving or operating machinery? — Before sleeping
    132. When you create a table, the data in horizontal dimension is organized in rows and the data in vertical dimension is organized in what? – Line
    133. Historians use evidence to draw conclusions about the past, would a contemporary artist’s painting of an ancient battle be an original source or secondary source? — Secondary source
    134. Where would you expect to find equipment like microscopes, bounce and burner, beaker and petri dish? — Laboratory 135.Profit means gain or loss? — Gain
    136 What do we call the time before noon? — Morning 137.How many days in a week? — 7 days
    138. Which of the 5 senses are you using, if you detect the odor of gas in a laboratory or in your kitchen? —Smell
    139. Which is usually considered against the law? Use of illicit drugs or use of prescribed medication?— Use of illicit drugs
    140. To improve their health and fitness, most people either try to improve their diet or? -Do more physical exercise
    141. There are two main ways to pay for goods bought in a shop, one is by cash, and the other is by? – Credit card
    142. Would you go to a pharmacy or a surgery to get a prescription filled after visiting a doctor? — A pharmacy
    143. What special document does most people traveling between on country to another need to carry? — A passport
    144. Which would be better to report the population of a major global city, hundreds, millions or billions? —Millions
    145. Which of these would probably be found in most homes around the world, a computer. a bed or a television? — A bed
    146. In most universities, there are two ways of being assessed, one is orally, and the other is through? –Written assignments
    147. Despite all the advance in equality between the sexes, would more men or women play professional football? – More men
    148. At what ceremony do students receive degree or diploma at the end of their period of study? – Graduation
    149. Which of the following is not mammal? (With pictures) — Butterfly
    150. With Picture: How many courses do students have this semester? — Four
    151. Which department has increased their revenue over the three years? — Sale
    152. What do we call the meeting, where an employer ask potential employee questions about their work experience? – interview
    153. What is the quickest way to get to the 21st floor? — By elevator / lift
    154. if a person is doing an experiment, what would he wear to protect his eyes? — Glasses / goggles
    155. Why people wear gloves when they do experiment? — Protection
    156. What do you need to see thing which are far away? — Binoculars
    157. From where can you have a full view of a building, the outside, inside or top? — The outside
    158. Computer, telephone and typewriter, which one is first invented? — Typewriter
    159. Which is better, high employment or low employment? — High employment
    160. What is the subject that involves geometry and algebra? — Mathematics
    161. Which of the following is not a means of transportation? — Car sample
    162. Picture (people holding a certificate) what is in the man’s hand? — Certificate
    163. Which symbol is used to complete a sentence? — Full stop / period
    164. What is the name of the field of study that studies the human mind and behavior? — Psychology
    165. What is the subject of study at a culinary institute? — Cooking
    166. 1n medical terms are antibodies harmful or beneficial for patients? — Beneficial
    167. In a recession, does economic activity increase or slow down? — Slow down
    168. To which of our sense do all of the following words relate, opaque, vivid, brilliant, shiny? — Vision
    169. How many years does it take to finish undergraduate study? — Three or four years
    170. The large island just off the coast of mainland Europe is the home to which country? — The United Kingdom
    171 .Will it be better to use kin or kg to measure the distance between two cities? — Kilometer
    172. What is the last thing to do when baking a cake? — Cook it in the oven
    173. What kind of equipment is used to protect motorbike rider’s brain from injury? — Helmet
    174. What can be added to a drink to cool it down on a hot day? — Ice
    175. Would letter or email be the fastest way to get a message to your professor? — Email
    176. Which of these was last to be explored, the Himalayas, the moon or Australia? —The moon
    177.1n which season would people be least likely to go snow skiing? — In summer
    178. Some calendars begin the week on Sunday, what is the other day which commonly starts a week? —Monday
    179. What does the main difference between a wristwatch and a clock relate to? —Their relative sizes
    180. Nanne a month that falls between September and November. — October
    181. In which room of their home would someone usually wash their clothes? — In the bathroom
    182. Which of these would probably be found in an office, a printer, a blanket or a nailbrush? — A printer
    183. What is the general term for paintings of the countryside or natural views? —Landscape
    184. What is the economic sector the deals with farming? – Agriculture
    185. A business doesn’t want to make a loss – what does it want to make? – Profit
    186. What do people wear if they can’t see very well? Glasses / contact lenses
    187. What is the word in geometry for a shape that has three sides? – Triangle
    188. Which major branch pf science deals with the classification of living things? — Biology / Ecology
    189. Which major branch of science deals with the classification of human beings? — Anthropology
    190. What do we call a book that contains lots of words with their meanings— Dictionary
    191. What does a king or queen wear on their head at official ceremonies? — Crown
    192. If someone lives in an urban area, where do they live? — City / Town
    193. If you don’t feel like eating, what do we say you don’t have? — Appetite
    194. Name a city in the U.S. — New York / Washington / Boston
    195. What are winter, spring, summer and autumn? — Seasons
    196. Which sweet food do bees produce? — Honey
    197. What is the opposite of southeast? — Northwest
    198. What is the antonym of vertical? — Horizontal
    199. What do we call the first meal of the day? — Breakfast
    200. What is the source of solar energy? — The sun
    201. What is the month between January and March? — February
    202. What kind of liquid do mammals feed their babies? — Milk
    203. What type of food is an apple? — Fruit
    204. How many seasons are there in a year? — Four
    205. How many days are in a leap year? — 366
    206. Where can people go to borrow books? — Library
    207. If something is not expensive, what do we say it is? – Cheap
    208. What desk should you go to when you first arrive to stay at a hotel? – Reception/Check-in
    209. How many people are there in a quartet? – Four
    210. What is the meeting point of Sea and Sky called? — Sea level
    211. What is this instrument called? — Telescope
    212. How many months are in a year? — Twelve
    213. What is 3 quarters of 100%?— 75%
    2I4. who serves food in a restaurant? — Waiter / Waitress
    215. Which is the last departure train? — 7:39pm
    216. When was the tractor invented? (With Table) — 1982
    217 .How do you call the person who faces you? —Judge
    218. Tons kg and stones measure what property? — Weight
    219. What does the black square represents? — Students
    220. What do you call a piece of equipment we use to look at stars? — Astronomical telescope
    221. Who left this footprint, a bear or a wolf / bird? — Bear
    222. what is more fuel-efficient, car or truck? — Car
    223. What is inside the circle? — Telephone
    224. What does ASAP mean? — As soon as possible
    225. What is the ocean on the west of American? —The Pacific
    226. Would a town, city or village probably cover the largest area? – a city
    227. What is the ceremony called for marriage? – Wedding
    228. What is line between sea and land? – Horizon
    229. Which subject is using a periodic table? – Chemistry
    230. What is term immunology? – Immune related
    231. Use diameter to measure? Sphere
    232. Why people wear gloves when they do experiment? Protection
    233. What kind of editorial is published daily? Newspaper
    234. Which one is more fuel efficient? car or truck? Car
    235. What is the money that people pay to the government? Tax
    236. Which planet is that person standing on? (with picture) the moon
    237. Which is the fastest way to go to level 15- escalator or elevator? Elevator
    238. Which group does safety goggles belong to? Glasses
    239. What is the name of the field of study that studies the human mind and behavior? Psychology
    240. What organ do optometrist specialize in? Eyes
    241. What organ do dentist study? Teeth
    242. Historians use evidence to draw conclusions about the past, would a contemporary artist’s painting of an ancient battle be an original source or secondary source? A secondary source
    243. Who shall we call the person who decides if a person is guilty in the court? – Judge
    244. A lack of what kind of weather causes thought, dry weather? Rainy weather
    245. Which is usually considered against the law? Use of illicit drugs or use of proscribed medication? – Use of illicit drugs
    246. Where is the natural habitat of animals classified as aquatic, in the land, in the sea or in the sky? In the sea
    247. Which of the 5 senses are you using, if you detect the ordour of gas in a laboratory or in your kitchen? –smell
    248. To which of our senses do all of the following words relate, opaque, vivid, brilliant, shiny? – vision
    249. What is the structure over river to transport stuff? Bridge
    250. Birds fly to warmer places in winter, mitigation or migration? Migration
    251. The phrase used to describe the way that something repeatedly increases and decreases or rises and falls – ebb and flow 252.Sleep enjoyed in the afternoon. Siesta or Nap? – Siesta
    253. Language which is confused and unintelligible. Jargon or vocabulary? – Jargon
    254. A man whose wife is dead. Is he a Widow or Widower? – Widower
    255. A place where dead bodies are kept. Cemetery or Mortuary? – Mortuary
    256. One whose business is to find out criminals. Detectives or police? – Detectives
    257. The government runs by the dictator. Autocracy or Democracy – Autocracy
    258. One who prepares plans for buildings. – Architect 259. A place where fishes are kept – Aquarium
    260. The science of animal life. Biology or Zoology? – Zoology
    261. One who kills animals and sells their flesh. Butcher or barber? – Butcher
    262. A disease which spreads by contact. – Contagious disease
    263. An animal living both on land in water – Amphibian
    and science dealing with rules of language. Grammar or Literature. – Grammar
    265. Not limited by person or number. Infinite or Finite – Infinite
    266. Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned. Flammable or Nonflammable. — Flammable
    267. The one who is unable to pay his debts. In debt or Insolvent – Insolvent 268. Medicine which induces sleep. – Narcotic
    268. Medicine which induces sleep. – Narcotic
    269. having a lot of fat in one’s body- Obesity
    270. A notice of death in newspaper – Obesity
    271. A thing no longer in use, Obsolete or Out of date? –Both
    272. What is skeleton made of? – bones
    273. What is the name of the fish?- Priana


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