PTE Speaking Section Details

PTE Speaking Section Details in Brief


In this post, we will see PTE Speaking section details and different task that can appear in speaking section. 

PTE Speaking section: (30-35 minutes)


  • Speaking is the first part of the PTE test. This part checks for your ability to produce spoken and written English in an academic environment.
  • Each recording is played only once.
  • Use the erasable notebook and pen for taking notes and answer the tasks using your notes.
  • You may click “Next” once you are done with your task.
  • Speaking task types are not timed individually.
  • You can refer to the times at the upper right corner of the computer screen.

The below table shows all the tasks along with their description and time that can appear in PTE Speaking section

Task TypeTask DescriptionNumber of tasksSkills assessedText / recoding lengthTime to answer
Read aloudRead the text aloud into your microphone.6-7reading & speakingtext up to 60 wordsdepends on the length of the text
Repeat sentenceAfter listening to a sentence, repeat the sentence into your microphone.10-12listening & speaking3-9 seconds15 seconds
Describe imageDescribe the image in detail into your microphone.6-7speaking-40 seconds
Re-tell lectureAfter listening to or watching a lecture, re-tell the lecture in your own words into your microphone.3-4listening & speakingup to 90 seconds40 seconds
Answer short questionAfter listening to a question, answer with a single word or a few words into your microphone.10-12listening & speaking3-9 seconds10 seconds


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