PTE Writing Section Details

PTE Writing Section Details in Brief



In this post, we will see PTE writing section details in brief. The below table shows the tasks that need to be responded in PTE Writing section:

Task TypeTask DescriptionNumber of tasksSkills assessedText 
Summarize written textAfter reading a passage, write a one-sentence summary of the passage of between 5 - 75 words.2-3reading and writingup to 300 words10 minutes
Write essayWrite an essay of 200-300 words on a given topic.1-2writingup to 4 sentences20 minutes

But, there are other tasks as well which contribute to your writing score. This is important to know as if you want to improve your writing score then you must practice the below tasks.

Here are the details of all the tasks which actually contribute towards Writing score:

SectionTask TypeTask DescriptionNumber of tasksSkills assessedText / recording lengthTime to answer
WritingSummarize written textAfter reading a passage, summarize the text using 50-70 words in one sentence.2-3reading and writingup to 300 words10 minutes
WritingWrite essayWrite an essay in 200-300 words on the given topic.1-2writingup to 4 sentences20 minutes
ListeningSummarize spoken textAfter listening to a recording, write a summary in 50-70 words.2-3listening and writing60-90 seconds-
ListeningFill in the blanksThe written script appears on the screen. While listening to a recording, type the missing words into the blanks.2-3listening and writing30-60 seconds-
ListeningWrite from dictationAfter listening to a recording of a sentence, type the sentence in the given box.3-4listening and writing3-5 seconds-
ReadingReading & Writing: Fill in the blanksA text appears on the screen with blank spaces. Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate option from dropdown options.5-6reading and writingtext up to 300 words-


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