PTE Writing: Summarize written text

Super strategies for PTE Writing – Summarize written text:

PTE Writing Summarize written text

  • In order to score points for this task, you should aim to write only one sentence with 25 – 35 words (even though 5 -75 is allowed) in a correct grammatical manner using a good range of vocabulary.
  • Do not write less than 5 or more than 75 words or in two sentences.
  • Write only one complex sentence with good vocabulary and try to cover all aspects mentioned in the passage.

O.Use the below SUPER STRUCTURE for this:

O. When trying to write the complex sentence, try to join the sentences using FANBOYS :

F – For

A – And

N – Not

B – But

O – Or

Y – Yet

S – So

>> Use the words like “that”, “but”, “which”, “and” in order to connect the two sentences and making it more complex.

>> Don’t copy the whole sentence from the passage. Try to paraphrase it using good powerful words.

o. Method for time management in PTE Summarize written text:

>> Read (2 mins)

>> Write (7 mins)

>> Edit (1 min)

  • While reading the passage, spend first 1 minute in reading the text and next 1 minute just ignoring the details. Try to find the main idea and key points.
  • Write the sentence after noting down the key points from the passage.
  • Make sure you start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

You need to ask below questions and try to fit your summary in one of the below sentence structure.

>> Who did What.

>> Who did what, which did what.

>> Who did what that did what.

>> Who did what when who did what.

>> Who did what and did what.

Scoring guide for Summarize written text:

Skills assessed: Reading and Writing


  • 2 = Provides a good summary of the text. All relevant aspects mentioned.
  • 1 = Provides a fair summary of the text, but misses one or two aspects.
  • 0 = Omits or misrepresents the main aspects of the text.


  • 1 = Is written in one, single, complete sentence.
  • 0 = Not written in one, single, complete sentence or contains fewer than 5 or greater than 75 words. The summary is written in capital letters.


  • 2 = Has correct grammatical structure.
  • 1 = Contains grammatical errors but with no hindrance to communication.
  • 0 = Has defective grammatical structure which could hinder communication.


  • 2 = Has an appropriate choice of words.
  • 1 = Contains lexical errors, but with no hindrance to communication.
  • 0 = Has defective word choice which could hinder the communication.

Task Type details:

  • Candidates have to write a one-sentence summary of a given passage in 10 mins.
  • How many?: 2-3
  • Preparation time for the answer: 10 minutes

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