PTE Academic Speaking Answer Short Questions List – Repeated

PTE Academic Speaking Answer Short Question.

Here is the list of most repeated answer short question in PTE Academic exam. We will keep updating the list. So do check often to get updated speaking answer short questions.

PTE ACADEMIC SPEAKING Short Answer Questions

PTE Academic Speaking – Repeated Short Answer Questions List

QuestionShort Answer
An older unmarried womanSpinster
A man whose wife is deadWidower
One who prepares plans for buildingsArchitect
The one who is unable to pay his debtsInsolvent
One for whom the money is the most important thingMaterialistic
A man who thinks only for himselfEgoistic
A cinema show which is held in the afternoonsMatinee
Not limited by person or numberInfinite
Something that is not applicableIrrelevant
Sleep enjoyed in the afternoonSiesta
One who tests eyesight and sells spectaclesOptician
Belonging to the middle agesMedieval
A string of beads used for counting prayersRosary
A person who died for his countryMartyr
A disease which spreads by contactContagious disease
A one who travels from place to placeItinerant
A vehicle to carry dead bodiesHearse
Something that cannot be believedIncredible
The language which is confused and unintelligibleJargon
A place where dead bodies are keptMortuary
A great lover of booksbibliophile
The science of animal lifeZoology
The science that studies life and living organismsBiology
One who pretends to be what he is notHypocrite
The point where the earth and sky seem to meetHorizon
Incapable of being burntIncombustible
The one who has no moneyPauper
A sound that cannot be heardInaudible
An animal living both on land and in the waterAmphibian
The eclipse of the moonLunar
One whose business is to find out criminalsDetective
A place where fishes are keptAquarium
Anything which is related to youth and youngJuvenile
A government publication relating to the order, notification, etcGazette
Handwritten bookManuscript
A building for keeping and feeding horsesStable
A shelter for dogs or catsKennel
One who know many languagesLinguist
The government runs by the dictatorAutocracy
Something that kills insectsInsecticide
Worship of idolsIdolatry
Something that cannot be explainedExplicable
Art and science dealing with languageGrammar
Very particular about very small detailsMeticulous
Handwriting that cannot be readIllegible
One who kills animals and sells their fleshButcher
Someone who moves from one place to anotherMigratory
Someone who is fond of entertaining guestsHospitable
A person who does not believe in the institution of marriagesMisogamist
A grass eating animalHerbivorous
Animals feeding on other animalsCarnivorous
That cannot be satisfiesInsatiable
Something that cannot be curedIncurable
The act of killing an infantInfanticide
A person who hates womanMisogynist
Things of different natureHeterogeneous
The practice of having one wife or husbandMonogamy
The act of one human killing anotherHomicide
The practice of having multiple wife or husbandPolygamy
Something that cannot be avoidedInevitable
A government by a king or a queenMonarchy
One who is a newcomerNeophyte
Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burnedInflammable
Lover of mankindPhilanthropist
A notice of death in a newspaperObituary
Study of diseasePathology
One who look at the bright side of the thingOptimist
One who look at the worst side of the thingPessimist
Article of food rich in nutritionNutritive
Payment made in consideration of past servicePension
An animal that eats any kind of foodOmnivorous
A supposed cure for all diseases or problemsPanacea
A study of oceanOceanography
Killer of one’s own fatherPatricide
One who believe in traditional valuesOrthodox
Having a lot of fat in one’s bodyObesity
A person without mother and fatherOrphan
One who loves his/ her countryPatriot
A one who knows everythingOmniscient
Properties inherited from one’s fatherPatrimony
A place where orphans liveOrphanage
One who is new to a trade or professionNovice
The study of soundPhonetics / Acoustics
The study of the bodyPhysiology